Paint first, and think about it after words!

Act without thinking! Respond without thinking!

Be so away from controlling how you respond that you set your authentic. truthful self free. Focus away from self so completely that you don’t have anything left in your awareness to watch and control,  or think about how you should, could, ought to, might appropriately respond, according to your conscious thought. Be so focused and in contact with what is going on away from your experience of yourself, and onto the other actors and the given circumstances that you have nothing left to control in yourself. Let your spontaneous, unforced, voluntary, true, self generated genius express you!

Set yourself free! Free from your safe, secure, habitual, society accepted, educated, conformed, ego concentric behavior, and respond with how you honestly feel in that moment. Tell the truth of those feelings, not your thinking. There isn’t time to think about how you are going to respond. If you think about it, it is already too late. Get out of control, and respond from impulse, like a physical reflex reaction that happens without thinking. Let your response have the time it takes to manifest your uncontrolled feelings. Feelings of the truth of your being, which is unique and individual, the gift you have to give to all the world.