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About Film Acting Coach, Julia Huffman

Having worked in the television industry for over two decades and cutting her teeth as a coordinator, writer, producer, shooter and editor for companies like E! Entertainment Steven Bocho Productions and HGTV, Julia went on to direct-write and produce her own feature film and become one of a handful of female directors to win multiple awards in the film festival circuit and secure world-wide distribution for her first feature film, endorsed by Dr Jane Goodall, Medicine of the Wolf. Julia is currently in development on a TV series called The Rainbow Murders.

Medicine of the wolf took home the top Grand Jury award at the Arizona International film festival, won the Best of Festival and the Audience Choice award at the Minneapolis International Film Festival and took home the Audience Choice award at the G2 Green Earth Festival in Venice California. Julia also won the 1st place Animal Content in Entertainment Award from The Humane Society of the United States and was invited to bring her experience of making the film to the TEDx stage in 2016. Medicine of the Wolf can be found on Amazon, ITunes, Hulu and more. The film has been rated the #1 Nature Documentary on HULU the #1 Wolf documentary on IMDB and hit #9 on the ITunes charts.

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Julia’s Award winning film: https://medicineofthewolf1.vhx.tv