"If you want to work with people who are interested in you and the art in you, I can only recommend to study with Julia and Peter. "

~Wolfgang Cerny

on-camera technique, cold reading skills & scene study. Classes are recorded & available.

“Julia has an amazing way to communicate with actors. She knows how to adapt to each actor, gving them the best advice that will help them grow as an artist and as a person.”

Michael Morano

“Julia is amazing! While I was studying with her my bookings increased and so did my confidence! She has a great heart and makes you feel comfortable while giving direction.She is the best Acting teacher I have ever had.”

Marshella Griffin

“For the Actor is a creative space that feels intimate, supportive and playful.

Julia and Peter work in a wonderful teaching partnership to bring the best out of their students as they lead them to deeper connections in their work”

Actress Sheryl Lee
Twin Peaks

“Julia and Peter work in harmony to demystify great acting, enhancing both my technical skill and confidence. They’ve cultivated an intimate setting for growth and risk taking with an exciting group of talented actors. This program is truly invested in your development and success.”

Michael Awada

Classes are recorded and edited demos are available.

Incredible class! Julia and Peter are both insightful and inspiring teachers. It’s my favorite night of the week

Alex Stocks

Inspiring, affirming, positive, great eye, terrific training with Meisner and Conrad legacies that he brings to his students.

Jôher Coleman


For The Actor Studio offers On- Camera acting classes for all levels online, so you can join our community from anywhere around the world! Work with Award winning Director and Acting Coach Julia Huffman.

Do You Have the Talent to Pursue Acting?

There never will be another you, there never has been before, and there never will be another you in the future.

You have your own special gifts to give to the world given from the source of all life. Believe in the intelligence of this source, it has a purpose and a reason for all that is done.

Our work is to express the truth of our experience, not what we think the writer intended, or what we think will be best received by our audience, but what we honestly feel in the moment, every moment.

This is the gift of information from our perspective that we alone can give. That is what I believe and teach. We can all do this, and yes, it takes courage to speak and express our truth every moment, but it makes our work spontaneous and unpredictable. And this is what an audience longs to watch.

“In Julia and Peter’s class I learned the intricate details of working on camera and how to make sure the audience can see directly into the character’s soul.”

~Angela Ashton

About Peter Looney

Mr. Looney studied directly with Sanford Meisner. He was one of the few actors accepted into the Master Class taught by Charles Conrad without an audition. His direct association with these legendary masters gave Peter a basis from which to refine his unique approach to teaching the art of acting.

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About Julia Huffman

Having worked in the television industry for over two decades and cutting her teeth as a coordinator, writer, producer, shooter and editor for companies like E! Entertainment Steven Bocho Productions and HGTV, Julia went on to direct-write and produce her own feature film…

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What to Expect

Learn from two Working Actors. Peter Looney & Julia Huffman. Their Los Angeles film acting classes and workshops are kept small so that you’ll have every opportunity to exercise your talent and instrument with cold readings and memorized pieces.

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“Best class I have taken! I love the feedback and generosity given in class. This is definitely a class that I will continue to go to throughout my career.” ~ Marshella Griffin

“Loved studying with Peter and Julia. They keep you in the moment, honing your acting skills and intuition instead of just typical scene study. Great on-camera practice.” ~ Tessa Markle

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