I find it very beneficial to put myself into the visual images the written material suggests to me. I make my own movie in my imagination. I see in my mind’s eye the visual scenes described by the writer. I visualize the who, what, why, where, and when of the premise of the material and imagine in enough detail to become a filmmaker. In visualization, sticking with the facts is necessary, and gives me honest answers for my character’s behavior. All of this helps me to accept the premise as real for myself.

If I am to be believable in my role, I best serve by believing and accepting the material as real for myself. This is necessary because actors are used to convince the audience to believe in the most impossible given circumstances quite often. As Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Science of Mind philosophy said, “It is done unto you as you believe.”

The use of imagination and visualization are great gifts and extremely helpful in preparing for auditions and getting the job. Exercise your imagination and use it to visualize your success in the part, the art, and your career, and you will benefit by succeeding!

Peter Looney
Professional film acting teacher and coach in Los Angeles for 28yrs.
Professional SAG;AFTRA; AEA actor for 40yrs.

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